Opening Prayers

Prayer to the Holy Spirit:

Be present with us, O Holy Spirit, for it is in your name that we are specially gathered together. Come to help us in our affairs, and be pleased to enter into our deliberations. Instruct us in what we should do. Let it be You, first of all, who inspire our suggestions. May You who love justice, let us not offend against justice or charity. Grant also that we may act intelligently.

Keep us by the gift of your grace in harmony with your will, so that we may act as one with You, who with the Father and the Son live and reign, God for ever and ever. Amen.

International Alliance Prayer

O God, Father of all mankind, send your Holy Spirit upon us, your Knights, dedicated to your service throughout the world. Help us to know the work you wish us to do. Give us the strength, courage and perseverance to undertake it and bring it to completion.

May we always keep before our eyes Jesus Christ, our Saviour, the ideal of the Christian Knight and do all things for love of him. Mary our Mother, have us always in your keeping. Amen.

Family Commitment Prayer

Heavenly Father, we believe your Son is risen and present within our homes. We thank you for this. We also believe, on the word of your Son, that anything we ask from you in his name you will grant (John 16:23). We gain confidence from this. With trust in the loving presence of your Son, and in his name: we ask you to strengthen us in the sincere commitment we make to practise regular family prayer in our homes, and to strengthen the family in our society.

We make this prayer to you through Christ our Lord. Amen.


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