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Rosary Crusade (in support of natural marriage)
All Catholics throughout Australia are invited to join in this Crusade to keep the sanctity of natural marriage alive in Australia. Please see the following link for details:

It is linked to the National Association of Catholic Families (which operates in a number of countries).

Click on a link below to view news.

Religious Discrimination Submission

Letter State Chairman Religious Discrimination Bill Submission 9.02.2020

KSC Submission to the Religious Discrimination 2nd Draft Bill 28.01.2020

KSC Australia 8th National Triennial Conference Report - May 24-26 2019

News from US

The link below is a video recording of a homily given by Fr Edward Meeks (Knights of Columbus in the USA) who you will see and hear is anything but meek ... just amazing succinct and courageous.

It is 26 minutes of the most lucid and clear-headed appraisal of what the looming election in the USA is truly about, and the responsibility of Catholics when voting.

Fr Edward is a Knight of Columbus (in alliance with the KSC) and openly speaks about this towards the end of his homily.

2021 KSC Formation Programme

> Session 1
> Session 2
> Session 3
> Session 4
> Session 5
> Session 6
> Session 7
> Session 8

KSC Prayer Crusade - Catholic Orgs 2020 (Pdf Doc)

Our Work Matters 29/11/17

A Quest for A Fair Go – The History of the Knights of the Southern Cross in Queensland

Taxable Donation – Help Us to Help Others

Marriage Motion Debate Tasmanian Parliament in November 2015

Acton Lecture 2015 – Archbishop Anthony Fisher

Military Chaplains fundraising Dinner

Bishops Letter on Marriage

Knights Help to Support Women in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Vatican Information Service

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